Dolby sound drop outs TF4000PVR

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Dolby sound drop outs TF4000PVR


Beitrag von pooh_bear138 » Mi 4. Jun 2008, 11:37


I love listening to Bayern4 Klassik which has now dropped its non-dolby version so that only the dolby version on 12265 MHz Astra 19.2 is available and is very much affected by sound dropouts (Tonaussetzer).

I know so-called Robosound issues were discussed affecting Pro7 etc but my German is not good enough to see whether it was ever resolved.

My firmware is the version March 16th 2007.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Many thanks

pooh (Pu der Bär)

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Der keinen Sonderstatus kriegt
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AW: Dolby sound drop outs TF4000PVR


Beitrag von mvordeme » So 22. Jun 2008, 00:52

Hi Pooh,

can you point me to the discussion of the issue? Maybe I can find out whether it has been resolved. The trouble with the 5x00 is that it cannot even remember dolby radio stations, but since I own an ADR receiver, I am not yet bothered too much about it.

-- mvordeme
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