7700HSCI strange problem

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7700HSCI strange problem


Beitrag von JarekP » Mo 14. Jan 2013, 17:48

Hi folks,
although I can't speak German, I've decided to register here and ask you for help. Maybe you can advice, as Topfield (Korea) keeps silent, local service said nothing.
It's a bit long, but the problem is strange...

I use TF 7700 HSCI receiver since 4 years, but about year ago, when I started to watch
regurarly real HD transmissions, I have observed strange behaviour, related to HD channels only - I'm a member of the biggest Polish DVB-S platform, named "Cyfrowy Polsat", so I use CAM + operator's card (Nagra). However, I'd like to say, this strange behavior is observed on other, FTA HD channels as well, like Arte HD, ZDF, etc. - so, the problem is not related to my CAM module in CI slot...
The problem: from time to time, sometimes once per hour, sometimes few times per few minutes, I can observe picture stops, freeze, "pixel distortions". It lasts few seconds or less. It's hard to describe it, but I'm pretty sure you know, what I mean. It's related only to HD channels, like BBC HD, NatGeo HD, AnimalPlanet HD, History HD, and our local TVs HD channels. So, it's not related to one particular frequency. It's related to FTA HD channels as well, BUT - if transmission is with 2/3 FEC, everything looks OK (mostly Astra). This behavior can be "replicated" when I switch the audio track, using sound button on remote - if the broadcast has two audio tracks - original and local, switching between them, gives exactly the same behavior.

I have to add, the antenna installation has been changed to brand new one, it has been checked by professional with professional meter (all parameters, like signal level, C/N, MER, BER, etc. are on good levels or even better). Please find below some info about antenna installation components.

Additionally - other CI receiver connected to this installation (using my CAM + card) work without this problem (Ferguson Ariva 202). Last time, my receiver has been checked by local service partner, but they said, everything is OK... They changed firmware, changed some capacitors in PSU... Unfortunaltely, I have no easy possibility to check my Topfield with different antenna installation at other place. Wha't interesting, last time I've found second - used but in good condition - TF7700HSCI, this second box has exactly the same problem... The second TF7700HSCO has 7.01.11, system 23022.

Some additional information:
antenna - Triax TD110 (110cm), two Technisat Twin converters, 2x Diseqs (Signal), around 20 m of Triset cable.
(however, I checked it without this installation, with cable connected directly to LNB - no change...)

Receiver info: system ID:23322, Loader ver: L1.02, dev. version: v2.1.1, application ver: TF-HSCP 7.01.04 or 7.01.11
CAM: Polsat, Nagravision (this module + Polsat card works well in ferguson Ariva 202)
My receiver had original firmware from 2008 (I don't remember the number, it was probably 7.00.xx), then I've changed it to the newest found (7.01.11) then firmware has been set by local service to 7.01.04... The problem doesn't depend on firmware revision...

So, what can I check or do? You know, it's not a critical problem, as it's intermittent, however, it's a bit frustrating :)

Your answer will be very appreciated.


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