Loading...then L32501 code

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Mein erster Beitrag
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Loading...then L32501 code


Beitrag von legendsinc » Fr 3. Jun 2022, 12:52

Hi, my friend has a Topfield 7260 Plus, when he powers it on, all that comes up on the display is 'loading', stays like that for about 5 seconds and then quick a 'L32501' code flashes up for approx. 1 second and then back to 'loading'.

Does anyone know what this means, I have no idea as I'm not familiar with Topfield boxes.



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Re: Loading...then L32501 code


Beitrag von FireBird » Fr 3. Jun 2022, 13:48

Hi, 32501 is the system ID of the Topfield 7260 and the respective ID is shown on every receiver at the beginning of the boot process. The most probably cause of the endless boot loop is either a corrupt firmware or corrupt settings.

Here’s a link to the Australian Topfield Wiki. This link points to the “PVR restarts” section which also contains a link to the “Recovering a bricked Toppy” topic at the bottom of the page.

We are happy to answer questions but as the 7260 is an Australian model, we might not know all model specific details but here you can find the Australian Topfield forum.


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