TF 7700 - which firmware recommended

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TF 7700 - which firmware recommended


Beitrag von Jasper » Do 13. Jan 2011, 12:02

The system ID of my machine is 23231. It was delivered with firmware 7.00.24. I had some minor problems and the supplier advised an upgrade to 7.00.34. I upgraded OK. All was fine for a year but I'm now having more serious problems, mainly to do with the file system. The supplier now tells me that .34 is faulty and to revert to .24. I'd appreciate views on this before I undertake another firmware change.

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AW: TF 7700 - which firmware recommended


Beitrag von Twilight » Do 13. Jan 2011, 14:34

i can't tell you anything about the quality of the firmware.
but it is possible that the power of your receiver doesn't work correct and this is the problem.



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